Modeling woes

I use SketchUp for digitizing my designs. It is an amazingly robust tool, with a wide user base, and yet is accessible to everyone. There is a wealth of user generated components that can be downloaded and used in your model, but unfortunately, many of the items that I need for modeling a tiny home just aren’t available.

This means that I have to model each component from scratch. Lighting and plumbing fixtures are among the worst offenders, as there is just enough available to whet the appetite, but not enough to really be useful.  For many other components, they just aren’t there. So, I have spent many hours creating lights, wall mirrors, RV stoves, RV style hot water heaters, electrical distribution panels, shore power and water connections, the works. For future designs, I will be able to re-use some components making the process much quicker, but this one most everything is being modeled from scratch.

I am down to the final few items, lacking only:

  • Bathroom Shelves
  • Bathroom Mirror
  • Bathroom Lights
  • Kitchen Faucet (I had one I downloaded and used as a placeholder, but my aesthetic adviser (aka wife) and I  decided we didn’t like it, so I have to model another one)

Once these are done, I begin the process of extracting the floorplans, elevations, sections, details, and the like needed to create a set of Construction Documents, which will be exported as locked PDFs and made available for purchase and download.

Of course, once I have this first design ready, then I get to turn my attention to getting the website put together and “pretty-fied” to use my wife’s term, so that it looks like a professional website, and not a place holder.

So off to the trenches again, and thanks for bearing with me.