So, thanks to the recent interest and activity on Facebook, I have made more progress on the Bay View 16 drawings. Putting together a full drawing set takes time, especially when you know what really should be in there thanks to your profession, even if you don’t really want to draw it, but your professional conscience says you have to put it in.

Ahem… as I was saying, I have made progress!

But…. it is not yet ready for prime time, so…. here’s another teaser image, showing multiple views of the Bay View 16 design. Enjoy, and feel free to comment or ask questions!

Bay View 16 Views

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    1. The program is Trimble’s SketchUp! It is a 3D surface modeler, and there is a consumer version that is available at a great price, FREE! http://www.sketchup.com/ I use the professional version, which comes with more file type saving and import features, as well as a program called Layout, which allows me to create the construction drawings easily.

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