Big things are afoot

Although I currently am trying to get my first design finished and plan to use it to kickstart my business by selling the drawing sets over the web, I have continued to keep an eye out for where I can develop phase 2 of the business, which is to build and sell tiny homes as well. The primary issue is that our house is currently not only in the city, but also in a historic district, and as such, building and selling anything, much less tiny homes, is expressly forbidden by the city.

If I want to build and sell in the city, I have to find a place that is properly zoned for it, which is light industrial or commercial. However, in Alabama, the unincorporated areas of the counties have no zoning. This can be bad, if say your neighbor decides to start a hog farm, but it can be good if you are trying to start a business.

I have run across a piece of land at the right price that is close to the city yet in the county that will be perfect for my purposes. I have had my dad go and inspect the property, and he agrees it is perfect for what I am wanting, so… I am getting the finances lined up to be able to put in an offer. 🙂

Keep your fingers crossed that we can make the deal work, and I soon will be able to add tiny house builder to my repertoire. 🙂