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I just realized that this entry was only on the facebook page and did not make it here, so I am posting it now. Original post here

Just fielded a phone call from a prospective local customer. (Wasn’t expecting the call as I am at my day job, but luckily was on a lunch break, so if you are reading, sorry if I seemed out of sorts)

Unfortunately I had to explain that I was not yet at a point where I was able to sell a completed tiny home, as I have to first get a shop put up in which to build one to my standard of production ( i.e. built in a controlled environment to avoid issues of moisture penetration during construction). I had to state that it would most likely be in the spring before I could start offering them.  I can’t wait to get back to Huntsville next week and get the ball rolling.

I wish them the best in their search for a tiny home, applaud them for looking to support a local business first, and wish I could help sooner, but I refuse to sacrifice quality for expediency by saying that, “Yes, I can do it!” and having to build it exposed to the weather before I get the shop put up.

(Yes, it can be done outdoors with great results, however the potential drawbacks that can include warped / degraded materials, not to mention the potential for mold, results in increased professional liability from selling something with those risks, and in my mind they outweigh the expediency.)

So, as much as it pained me to turn away a prospective customer, I feel that I would be doing a disservice to both them and my business if I did not.