Time Management

With so much on my plate at the moment: getting unpacked and re-situated at home after being gone for 6 months due to work, starting the process of getting the new land prepped for building a shop, and taking care of deferred maintenance at our house (see above: gone for 6 months), blogging has sadly been pushed lower on the priority list than expected. This means that another Friday has arrived and my blog post on Tiny House Heating Systems is still not finished and ready for publication.

This brings up the issue of time management. I like many of you have many competing items that want my full attention. Work, wife, cats, house, business, groceries, family, friends, hobbies, etc.  With so many things, it is inevitable that some don’t get the attention that they deserve. One of the ways that I cope with this is by prioritizing them based upon the expected results of not completing them, or as I call it, the fear method. Beyond this, I then adjust the priority based upon preference, i.e. what is more important to me, with a tweak for what is most fun. Unfortunately, as shown above the mundane, gotta-get-this-done,really doesn’t need to be put off stuff is highest on the priority list, so some of the fun stuff like putting together information blog posts gets delayed.

So, until I get this post finished, feel free to read over the other tiny home systems blog posts and stay tuned!