Sea change of plans

Sorry for the radio silence. There has been a LOT of stuff going on behind the scenes that has affected my plans for rolling out Ridge Runner Tiny Homes.  Some I can share with you, others I can not (yet!).

The plan to build a shop and start building tiny homes for sale is on an indefinite hold.

Earlier this year, a VERY trusted colleague of mine approached me regarding partnering up with him to start a new architectural firm focused primarily on non-residential architecture and building energy auditing and consulting services. After some negotiations, I am please to announce that it is a go, and we are in the process of forming S-W Architecture.

IMHO, the CUTEST little girl in the world. (Why yes, I AM biased, why do you ask?)
IMHO, the CUTEST little girl in the world. (Why yes, I AM biased, why do you ask?)

As you can expect, the founding of a new firm has been time consuming. Not to mention, I have the cutest 4 1/2 month old little girl at home  up a lot of my time as well.

However, Ridge Runner Tiny Homes has not been abandoned. I still will be developing plans and offering them for sale.  I am also more than happy to combine the two pursuits and help people navigate the complexities of developing tiny home communities. ( There may be one forming in the Huntsville area in the near future!)

I also am working with my partner on some materials research that, if it pans out, could mean a new type of wall construction for tiny and full size) houses that is cheaper, lighter, and quicker than stick framing. If so, then we WILL begin to construct tiny homes as a showcase for the new wall technology.

I promise I will do a better job of updating this blog, along with that of the new firm, once it is launched. I will also start doing posts about nearby tiny home builders that I think are doing a great job. Stay tuned!