Amazon Sale on EcoSmart 27KW Electric Tankless Water Heaters

In case you were not aware, Amazon is running a Gold Box sale on the EcoSmart 27KW Electric Tankless Water Heaters. 37% off is not chump change!

A few things to be aware of for this unit:

If you have (or plan to have) less than a 200 Amp electrical panel for your tiny home, this unit is not for you.

If you (plan to) travel and hook up at RV parks, where you will have either a 30 Amp or 50 Amp connection to the grid, this unit is not for you.

If you plan to run your electrical off of solar panels, this unit is not for you.

However, if you live in a grid connected tiny house (or a grid connected larger house but are dreaming of tiny houses), and you have (3) 40 Amp 240V circuits available, and use low flow restrictors in your faucets, showers, and baths this unit may be for you.

I highly recommend reading the reviews on this unit, and especially the one titled “ECO27 Details and Conversion to Boiler Mode – In Depth” as he does a good job on explaining the relationship between the temperature change (ΔT) this unit will provide and water flow. (Hint: the lower the flow the wider range between the input and output temperatures; the higher the flow, the smaller the range between input and output temperatures).

Anyways, if you are in the market for an Electric tankless water heater, this is a good deal on a quality unit.