Not a final goodbye, but…

Life takes many twists and turns, and mine is no exception. I started this site with full intention of making a business out of designing, building and selling tiny homes.  I obtain the necessary business licenses, designed a logo and printed up business cards, started on my first design, and even bought some land upon which I planned to set up a production shop.

Then this happened:

IMHO, the CUTEST little girl in the world. (Why yes, I AM biased, why do you ask?)
IMHO, the CUTEST little girl in the world. (Why yes, I AM biased, why do you ask?)

My daughter entered into this world in March of 2015, and has changed my life and priorities.

I am blessed beyond all measure with a beautiful, healthy, intelligent little girl, who (rightfully so) demands attention from her parents. Watching her grow, and learn, and explore this world is a blessing.

Harry Chapin wrote a song that resonates deeply with me, called “Cat’s In The Cradle”

This song is a warning, not a guide.

So, unfortunately, I will not be officially opening Ridge Runner Tiny Homes as a business in the near future. I am relinquishing the business license, and will not be providing designs for sale through the website.

I will probably still blog at this site about Tiny Homes on occasion, and my wife and I have seriously entertained the idea of building a tiny house for ourselves, but I have a daughter to raise, and she is more important than any business could ever be.



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