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Back home…

Finally HOME!

For those who were not aware, my day job had me spending the last 6 months working in Washington D.C. However, I am now back home in Huntsville, getting unpacked, and figuring out what needs to be done, figuring out how, and when I can get it accomplished.

The pond towards the rear of the property
The pond towards the rear of the property (taken before the grass grew up)

I spent a while this afternoon poking around the land that I bought out in the county south of Huntsville, figuring out what I need to do to get it in shape to use for building a shop. First order of business is to get the land bush hogged, as the land has not been tended in over a year, resulting in the grass (and small trees) being about waist high. This will make it easier to work out there, not to mention less likely to get ticks, chiggers, or chomped on by an errant snake.

Next will be to deal with the existing, trashed out and falling down mobile home. It is so far gone that it just needs to be removed. Doing so is a bit cumbersome. Although the property is in the county, it does not mean that I can do anything I want (though there are a LOT less restrictions than in the city). In order of the steps I need to take to get it accomplished:

1 – Have the electric and cable physically removed from the structure, and have a temporary construction pole installed on the land. This is needed prior to demolition, and is actually a requirement for pulling a Demolition Permit with the county.

2 – Pull a Demolition Permit with the county. Like I alluded to above, there are still hoops to jump through in Madison County, AL, mostly because they are a more populated and prosperous county and therefore have a County Building Department and Codes enforcement. I could have purchased further out in a neighboring county that doesn’t have a building department and codes, but the greater distance would negate any perceived advantages.

3 – Have the mobile home torn down or burned down. I mentioned burned down, as I am investigating the possibility of donating the structure to the local volunteer fire department to practice on. This will most likely involve my signing an indemnification form that, yes I indemnify them from any potential lawsuit stemming from the fact that they will be setting my property on fire and putting it out.

4 – Have the remains hauled off. The ultimate goal is to have bare ground where the mobile home currently is. This will also be the point when I can call the building inspectors out to verify that the building is down and removed properly.

Once the above is completed, then I will hopefully be ready to put up a shop in which I can build tiny houses. (Of course, that will take a bit and be the subject of many other blog posts.)

For now, I am glad to just be back home. 🙂